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If you’re like many of our industrial customers, you’ll be taking some or all of your vacations over the next few months as the holiday lull sets in. You might be concerned about maintaining the website while you’re away.

Like many of our industrial web clients, you have a secure and stable website for your business and your website visitors, and the last thing you want is to get a call about a website outage or hack when you try to relax with your family. and friends.

If you’re not taking a break, you might be trying to get all of your website content and web marketing aligned for the year ahead, making sure your industrial business is ready to strike while the iron is on. hot. This could entail a website redesign, the creation of landing pages, marketing workflows and funnels, new content and email campaigns.

Website design and maintenance doesn’t have to be scary.

Lohre & Associates can help you update your website with the latest in design, security and functionality. We can also bring your website up to date with modern standards such as ADA compliance, GDPR compliance, CA Privacy compliance and mobile friendliness, as well as the latest design and programming standards to make search engines love your contents.

We are specialists in the maintenance of industrial sites and the rescue of industrial sites

Much of our web development business involves backing up websites that have not been properly programmed, maintained, designed or hosted. For this reason, we excel in ensuring the security of the websites under our care, with regular software updates and upgrades, as well as constant monitoring of security and presence in searches, so you can focus on more important things.

Our system is configured so that we receive alerts if the appearance of your website changes, if your presence in searches sees any problems or drastic changes, or if malicious actors on the Internet attempt to hack or slow down your website. . We also receive regular notifications when your website software or plugins need to be updated. We check these notifications regularly and act on any issues, even on weekends and holidays.

We can keep your industry website competitive during the holidays.

We can monitor your search presence against your top competitors – keyword by keyword, by day, week or month so you know where your competitors are beating you and what new keywords they are trying to win. If any search or indexing issues arise with your website during the break, we can act on those as well.

Try us with a seasonal maintenance package for peace of mind during the upcoming holiday season.

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