Does CMS matter for search rankings?

Google search advocate John Mueller answers whether there’s an SEO benefit to choosing one type of content management system (CMS) over another.

This question is addressed in the latest episode of the Ask Googlebot series on YouTube.

It is common to hear that WordPress is the best CMS for SEO, which can lead a person to believe that they are at a disadvantage if they choose something else.

However, Mueller confirms that there is no difference from CMS to CMS when it comes to signal ranking. Read his full response below.

A CMS is not a ranking factor

Google is not concerned with what happens in the back-end of a website. What matters is the end result presented to visitors.

You can send the same signals to Google using WordPress, Wix or CMS. Muller says:

“As far as I know, our search systems are not looking for any particular content management system to treat it differently. For us, a CMS is just one way to create web pages. Google systems don’t focus on how the page was created. Instead, they focus on the end result. Hand-created web pages can be just as good as those generated by WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, or similar.

Mueller goes on to say that you can create pages that perform well in search using any of the leading content management systems.

It’s not like SEO is a proprietary formula that only one CMS developer has access to.

SEO is not a well-kept secret either. As Mueller says, what works in research is well documented.

If you understand the fundamentals of SEO, you can achieve good results regardless of your CMS choice.

Muller continues:

“As far as I know, all traditional CMS systems can create pages that perform well in search. For the most part, SEO isn’t magic. vendors can include SEO elements if they wish. There are slight differences between systems, just as all web pages are slightly different. For the average site owner, either they all work well for search-ready employment, or they can easily be tuned to do so with a few settings or plugins.

Watch the full video below:

Featured image: Screenshot from, July 2022.

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