Digital Marketing Market to be Valued at $460 Billion by 2022, Says Beroe Inc

RALEIGH, North Carolina, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a monumental shift from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing. The market is mainly driven by the FMCG, retail and CPG segments. Once the pandemic situation is under control, the meteoric rise of digital marketing may stabilize. Nevertheless, it is expected that there will be considerably higher growth in the use of revenue in marketing in the digital space. Digital marketing trends will likely be dictated by big agencies.

Automation, AI, NLP or Neurological Language Programming along with deep learning techniques will play a crucial role in improving operational efficiency, minimizing task redundancies, improving real-time analytics, marketing initiatives and SEO. Social media trends will continue to positively influence the consumer market, and brands have already made strides in generating user-generated media as part of their core marketing strategy. Influencers are also expected to create trends and have a big impact on marketing strategies. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tools are futuristic but seem to have created a niche with the booming smartphone market and are expected to contribute to approximately $75 billion to the Internet marketing services industry.

Beroe, who is based in North Carolinafurther stated that procurement experts can access this report on its recently launched market intelligence platform Beroe LiVE.Ai:

“Short video content is arguably the most successful segment of digital marketing. Brands have jumped on the bandwagon and flooded social media platforms with user-generated and influencer-created media. Trends show that NLP and deep learning will dominate the space.” noted Olive Cynthia, a Beroe analyst. “The industry’s rapid growth is part of a tectonic shift in market preferences as more and more marketing campaigns are targeted at user preferences. Virtual reality and augmented reality are here to stay and have already done significant inroads into marketing strategy. With the waning of the pandemic, traditional marketing techniques will return to the fore, but they seem unlikely to hinder the rapid digitization of marketing campaigns and branding.”

Brands have seen a 20% increase in viewership and a 90% growth in average time spent on ads in the social media space. Marketing spend has largely shifted to these platforms and will continue to do so in 2022. Social media initiatives have become an integral part of marketing strategy, and are likely to rule digital marketing strategies.

Automated email marketing could very well be the future of internet marketing. Targeted emails and customer-targeted emails have seen success in conversions. The future of small businesses should stem from sales-focused emails. Conversion-focused emails have shown promise in the e-commerce segment and are a trend that is likely to grow by leaps and bounds.

“Digital marketing has seen unprecedented success in the era of the pandemic. Content creation will be an integral part of digital media marketing strategy. The growth of the e-commerce industry has the potential to propel services of digital marketing towards a high growth trajectory”, mentioned Olive Cynthiaa Beroe analyst.

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