Daily API Summary: Nash, Date List, Fleetbase, Prontoforms


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Six APIs have been added to the Programmable web directory in categories such as Content, Shipping and Logistics. Highlights include an API that provides VIN decoding for automobiles and an API for the Nash delivery marketplace. Here’s a look at the latest additions.


Fleet base offers API-based logistics services. The Fleetbase APIFollow this API enables developers to build logistics applications with methods to manage locations, service areas, zones, suppliers, drivers, fleets, service rates, orders and more. It is classified under Logistics in the Programmable web API Directory.

Nash is a fleet delivery market service. The Nash APIFollow this API allows users to access multiple fleets and optimize deliveries through a single API. Use it to track all deliveries. Developers must request access for Documentation. The Nash API is listed under the Shipping category.

List of dates is an online reservation system that allows customers to book through a website or social network. The Datelist API Follow this API allows developers to interact with the Datelist backend in order to retrieve, modify or export reservations. Find this API in the Reservations category.

Auto Dev Wine decoding APIFollow this API allows developers to decode Vehicle Information (VIN) numbers for year, make, model, finish, vehicle specifications, colors, options and more. It is listed in the Auto category.

DISCO is a Platform so that licensed content can be found in one place. DISCO Content APIFollow this API offers delivery of over 13,000 licensed content products, including images, articles, videos and audio in over 40 different formats. The API provides methods for querying filtered content, all content, unique items, saved searches, and more. The API is only available to registered users and is listed in the Content category.

Prontoforms offers solutions for mobile forms. The Prontoforms REST APIFollow this API enables developers to integrate business data into forms, enable applications to retrieve and export records in all formats (PDF, DOCX, HTML, CSV), and manage accounts and user information. The API is listed in the Forms category.

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