Companies are now considering mass customization: Dippak Khurana

The e4m Pitch CMO Summit saw an engaging session where Dippak Khurana, co-founder and CEO of Vserv, discussed how data could be an effective tool for businesses and marketers,

“From a marketing point of view, we went through a phase where everything revolved around mass advertising. With the way digital has participated in our life or we participate in the digital age, consumers are developing a different taste. Overall, we recognize that consumers are different. They adopted a variety of different tastes and inclinations. Obviously, marketers themselves have created products that cater to different target groups. So, in many ways, companies are thinking about mass customization. They are not thinking of one product but of multiple products for consumers and now marketing is moving in that direction as well.

Speaking on how content marketing has become crucial for all brands, Khurana explained how brands can deliver mass personalization effectively. “Content/influencer marketing has really taken off. For example, if a brand thinks they want to send a message to people who are enthusiastic about fitness and want to do content marketing around them, they will go ahead and choose an influencer of that form who resonates with that goal itself and will try to convey the story through that anchor,” he added.

“Vserv is a platform where we have deterministic audience data and leverage it to create audience clusters for brands. We serve a variety of industries, from FMCG, from BFSI, retail, e-commerce, automotive and consumer durables. We have created different types of audience packages that can resonate for these verticals,” he noted.

Khurana also talked about one of Vserv’s campaigns. “We recently launched a campaign for a leading brand like PhonePe. PhonePe was clearly aimed at general insurance, so they were really looking for consumers who would be interested in general insurance. this is insurance for two or four wheelers per se so they wanted to reach car or two wheeler owners as well Vserv has deterministic consumer data where we are able to profile users and they’re employees of a particular income level, and when we put all of those things together, we were able to form an audience cluster, and then we’re able to build that audience cluster and help the brand reach those customers on any platform.”

Khurana added, “The good part is today maybe some people are under artificial pressure to do things very quickly. We are in an ecosystem where quality talent is limited. When you’re trying to manage your resources and your capital, that’s also a good thing for every organization, there are levers where everything falls into place.

Concluding the session, Khurana said, “When you look at digital, the digital ecosystem has grown in the country. Content consumption, smartphones and many macro trends are now in play. So all of this cumulatively is a driving force. When you compare consumer habits from three to four years to 2022, we are already talking about a significant number of changes. When you look at industries like education, the adoption of online education is a huge shift in consumer behavior. So there are many such examples where we’re talking about many of the discretionary or entertainment-focused essential needs of customers gradually shifting to the digital world.

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