CentralNic Group acquires NameAction and expands in Latin America

CentralNic Group PLC (AIM: CNIC), the fastest growing company in the domain name industry, with over 45 million domains using its platforms, is pleased to announce that it has acquired a leading domain service provider in Latin America, ActionName.

Founded in 1997 in Santiago, Chile, NameAction provides digital services that include the registration, management and protection of domain names in Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

NameAction will form the basis of all of CentralNic Group’s business operations in Latin America, giving it a direct presence in this rapidly growing digital market. As a result, businesses of all sizes, government organizations and NGOs in Latin America will have for the first time the same quality of digital services that some of the largest companies in the United States currently enjoy and Europe. CentralNic Group provides a wide variety of cutting-edge products and services, such as domain portfolio management, online brand protection, online marketing, and monetization.

On top of that, LatAm registries will for the first time be served by the world’s best and most experienced registry software, managed services, policies and DNS providers – provided by native Spanish speakers located at Latin America.

NameAction’s 24 years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the domain market in Latin America will help CentralNic to further improve its operations across the region and provide its customers with access to the full range of CentralNic’s leading products and services. CentralNic will continue to expand its team of experts based in Latin America to support its customers in the region by drawing on the Group’s unique industrial expertise and its proprietary technology.

Ben crawford, CEO of CentralNic Group, commented: “We are delighted to welcome NameAction, the oldest company specializing in domain names in the South and central America and the Caribbean, in our growing family of brands. The years of experience accumulated by the NameAction team, their exceptional expertise, professionalism and established business relationships will enable CentralNic to bring our cutting-edge products and services to even more clients in this dynamic and rapidly growing region.

This acquisition reaffirms CentralNic’s strategy of providing comprehensive end-to-end online brand and digital domain name protection services to corporate clients worldwide. Latin America remains one of the fastest adopters of digital transformation in the world, and CentralNic is excited to extend its support to businesses and individuals in the region on their digital journeys.

We aim to establish CentralNic as an established leader in Latin America the Internet Services industry, and I have no doubts that this dynamic region will become one of the main engines of our Group’s global growth in the near future.

Juan Enrique Sánchez, President and Founder of NameAction, added: “Our company has had the honor of supporting the rapid growth of Latin America the digital economy for more than two decades. By becoming a member of the CentralNic Group, we have an exceptional opportunity to take our ability to serve our customers in the region to a whole new level, bringing CentralNic’s suite of industry-leading products and its combined global expertise from its operations in over 190 countries to companies in the South and central America. I am delighted to usher in this new chapter in NameAction’s long history as a leading Internet service provider in Latin America. “

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