Berger Paints warns of side effects of apologies

With back-to-back festivities, it’s that time of year when most of us get a more than sweet boost to look presentable. Presentable in who you are, what you wear and, most importantly, where you live. And in the latter case, getting your house ready is perhaps the most tedious task, especially for those who would just like to relax and unwind at any moment of respite they can find in the midst of their busy lives.

After going through their stressful work life, these people can be quite the opposite at home. Someone who is extremely proactive in shipping that presentation might very well avoid taking a shower on a Sunday. Their comfort zones become the only place they can (supposedly) safely let go of the procrastinator within. In a comedic call of concern, Berger Paints India wanted to remind them that it is actually very easy to get an amazing paint job at home with their Berger Express paint service.

The brand also played with an idea that appealed to most parents (the brand’s target group): children absorb a lot of things they see and hear. In a light way, the brand caught their attention and offered them its proposal. The interaction between the husband and his friends and relatives, while comical, is also something well established through relatable everyday scenarios.

Speaking about the campaign, Vinod Das, Sales and Business Development Manager, Berger Paints India said, “Berger Paints Express Painting is unquestionably the most professional and popular home painting service available to Indian consumers. Through our hands-on service, we offer consumers interior and exterior painting, waterproofing, wood polishing and specialty textures. Availing the service is so simple and the whole service delivery is hassle-free and user-friendly. Consumers no longer need to make excuses to avoid the pain associated with traditional home painting.”

This campaign – #BahaanoKeSideEffects uses humor to convey this message very effectively. Husband, who may seem over the top, has (over-the-top) expressed how far people will go to avoid a painful experience. And the unintended byproducts/side effects of such avoidance behavior. We all avoid certain types of experiences we have to face in life, so there’s nothing to feel too guilty about. At the same time, the idea was to show how easy it is to have your house painted with the Berger Express painting service, and even those avoiders should not hesitate to do so.

Manesh Swamy, Sr. VP – Social, Creative & Design at LS Digital, added, “We all love the holiday season, but sometimes the basic tasks and preparations before the holiday season can be overwhelming, painting is one of them. . We wanted to get the message across that Berger Express Paint can be your SOS team when it comes to all your painting needs, so you can focus on all the right preparations and party vibes. While executing we created this extremely friendly family and their situations that everyone can relate to, we are glad we were able to deliver the brand message before the start of the holiday season. By taking a 2+ minute approach to their film which has already garnered over 3 million views, Berger Paints India has taken a positive step forward by announcing that “content is indeed king” and that there should be no not look for excuses not to paint their houses. , especially with the extremely convenient offer they offer.

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