Adimab announces the launch of four new proprietary technologies

– Heavy-chain antibody libraries only –

– Heavy chain/light chain and heavy chain/heavy chain pairing solutions for multispecific antibodies –

– Fc Silencing Mutations to Attenuate Immune Signaling –

– Antibody half-life extension technology –

LEBANON, NH, January 26, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adimab, LLC, the global leader in the discovery and optimization of fully human monoclonal and bispecific antibodies, today announced an expanded offering of proprietary technologies to facilitate the development of multispecific antibodies and therapeutic modalities . These technologies are the result of a collaborative effort between Adimab’s computational biology team in Palo Alto, CA and the antibody engineering team in Lebanon, NH to provide Adimab’s partners with end-to-end solutions. end-to-end for therapeutic antibodies in multiple formats.

  1. Adimab has released first generation heavy chain antibody (HCAb) libraries to meet the growing demand for single domain antibodies. Designed using a new machine learning methodology trained on extensive in-house data from our commercially validated synthetic human IgG libraries as well as natural VHH repertoires, HCAb libraries aim to minimize developability risk while ensuring high sequence diversity and broad epitope coverage. Using Adimab HCAb libraries follows the same efficient workflows and timelines as our standard IgG discovery and optimization process.

  2. To support multi-species antibody programs, Adimab has used both extensive structural modeling and directed protein evolution to derive novel solutions for heterodimerization both at the heavy chain/light chain interface as well as at the heavy chain interface in the CH3 domain. This easily allows the formation of an IgG-like bispecific from any two antibodies, or the flexibility to generate other multispecific therapeutic molecules.

  3. Adimab has developed constant region mutations for Fc silencing. Disabling Fc effector functions can be critical in certain therapeutic approaches and is therefore an important addition to our overall portfolio of Fc technologies. Adimab’s Fc-silencing mutations allow our partners to exclusively focus the therapeutic impact of their antibody on the target specificity of the variable domain while maintaining the favorable developability properties expected of full-length antibodies.

  4. Adimab has developed specific Fc-engineered solutions and screening assays that extend the half-life of therapeutic antibodies and multispecific molecules in humans. Recent data generated in a phase I clinical trial demonstrated an IgG half-life exceeding three months.

Adimab has filed several patent families to protect the proprietary nature of these technologies.

“We are thrilled to see our significant investments in frontier research translate into tangible solutions that our partners appreciate. Antibody developers are increasingly demanding more from their lead candidates. Having a portfolio of solutions is an important element to guarantee the technical successes of our partners and the progression of their molecules in the clinic”, declared Eric Krauland, scientific director of Adimab.

“Our partners have complex technical needs and are looking for a competitive advantage when designing and developing their programs. Our research team invests a lot of time and effort in expanding our capabilities; however, prior to the launch of any Adimab technology, it is must be a demonstration level of quality and validation that lives up to our reputation,” said Guy Van Meter, commercial director of Adimab.

About Adimab

Adimab is the leading provider of therapeutic antibody discovery and engineering technologies. This includes naive discovery from synthetic libraries in yeast or B cells (mice and humans), antibody engineering and optimization, multi-specific antibody engineering, and a portfolio of proprietary CD3 antibodies under non-exclusive license for bispecific applications. Adimab focuses only on its partners and not on the development of an internal product pipeline. Since 2009, Adimab has partnered with over 95 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, generating over 425 therapeutic programs, 55 clinical programs and its first approved product. Adimab technology has been transferred and implemented at Biogen, GSK, Lilly, Merck, Novo Nordisk and Takeda. Funded discovery partners include leading pharmaceutical companies, such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Novartis, Regeneron, Sanofi, Takeda and others. Adimab has also partnered with numerous venture capital-backed companies including Amagma, Cygnal, Dragonfly, iOmx, NextPoint, Pliant, Tizona, TRex Bio and others, as well as mid-sized public biopharmaceutical companies such as Acceleron, Alector, Cullinan Oncology, Innovent, Jounce, Mersana, Scholar Rock, Surface Oncology and others.

Adimab’s integrated antibody discovery and engineering platform delivers unprecedented speed from antigen to purified full-length human IgG. Adimab offers fundamental advantages by providing diverse panels of therapeutically relevant antibodies that meet the highest standards for affinity, epitope coverage, cross-species cross-reactivity and scalability. Adimab enables its partners to rapidly expand their biologics pipelines through a wide range of technology access agreements. For more information, visit

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