A comforting and creamy vegan cauliflower chowder recipe


Sometimes you just want your dinner to be as heartwarming and heartwarming as a hug, and if there’s one food that’s always that, it’s chowder. But while most rely on the inclusion of seafood, this recipe from Danny Seo‘s latest cookbook Of course, Delicious Dinners is totally vegan and gluten free too.

“Talk about the perfect big pot of soup to make on a snowy day,” Seo writes. “It’s a creamy, dairy-free chowder. It’s the oatmeal that gives it that thick, creamy consistency.” If you don’t have oatmeal, it’s pretty handy for DIY if you have oatmeal: just put them in a blender or food processor until they turn into a texture of flour.

In addition to the soup recipe itself, Seo also provides instructions for some tasty toppings to add texture to the dish: crispy potatoes and a gremolata. The latter is an Italian condiment made from chopped green herb citrus, sometimes with other flavors (for example, this one contains olives for brine). “Good to know: when preparing gremolata, avoid the bitter notes by being careful not to use the lemon marrow,” advises Seo.

While its accompaniments sound divine, you can still just grab a slice of homemade fresh bread or other topping, or just enjoy this lightly cheesy chowder (thanks to the nutritional yeast) on its own.

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