6 wacky emoji apps to use emoticons in weird ways


The humble emoji has gone from a cute icon to more. These apps and sites power your emoji game in different ways.

The surest sign of the global spread of emojis is that July 17th is now celebrated as World Emoji Day. The date was chosen as it should be because that’s what the calendar emoji displays on iPhone. On the official World Emoji Day website, you can find awards for emoji of the year and the best new emoji, ideas on how to celebrate World Emoji Day your way, and some examples of what. people do.

But beyond all that, emojis have become a language in their own right and have become a way for people to express their creativity or add fun to conversations. You won’t know what is possible with emojis until you explore these apps and sites.

1. Emoji Timeline (Web): Cool Timeline to learn the history of Emojis

Emoji Timeline tells the brief history of emoji in an entertaining and enjoyable way

Did you know that the first emoji pack was released in 1997 on a cell phone? And even back then, out of all 90 emojis, one of them was the ever popular poop emoji. This is the kind of fascinating information you will find in the Emoji Timeline as it traces the history of emojis.

The web application is simply a matter of scrolling up and down, each year displaying cards on important events that have affected the evolution of emojis. Japan was at the forefront of the movement, but it quickly caught fire and spread across the world. The project also includes hilarious but compelling anecdotes, like Emoji Dick: One Man’s Attempt to Translate 10,000 Moby Dick Phrases into Emojis.

Browsing the site is a fun way to spend 10-15 minutes learning how the emoji developed, but that’s it. It doesn’t dive into things like quizzes about the meaning of emoji or other unnecessary distractions.

2. Remix (Android, iOS) and Dismoji (Web): create your own emojis

Dismoji crushes two or more emojis into one remixed emoji

Two cool apps make it easier than ever to create your own emoji by mixing and matching existing emoji. Remix is ​​the simpler of the two, but it’s great for WhatsApp users. Dismoji offers more options and more customization.

In both apps, you need to choose two emojis and the app will merge them into one. There’s a handy “randomize” button to cycle through a series of random selections until you land on something you like, or manually choose your options. Dismoji lets you select different emojis for the base, mouth, eyebrows, eyes, and additional flourishes.

Once you’re done, save the emoji to use it. Dismoji allows you to download it as an SVG or PNG file. Remix creates a custom sticker pack in WhatsApp where all your favorites are available.

Of course, these apps only let you play with existing emojis. Other apps like Bitmoji let you create your own emoji with your own face.

Download: Remix for Android | iOS (free)

3. Mailoji (Web) and Grinning Face (Web): Get an Emoji email address or web domain

Did you know that you can turn emojis into email addresses or web domains? It’s shocking but it works. You see, when you type an emoji into a browser’s address bar or an email’s sender box, the app converts it to a universally known text string because every emoji has its own unicode. And just like that, your favorite emoji can now be the way people on the internet find you.

Mailoji lets you create a personalized emoji email address for $ 10 per year, like the one pictured above. You can then connect it to your primary mailbox so that all messages sent to your emoji address show up in your regular inbox. Currently, you cannot send emails from Mailoji. So spice up your business card, or it could make a great gift for someone.

GrinningFaceWithSmilingEyesEmoji.to changes to xn--f28h.to, a web page that displays all currently available emoji domains. The available domains are categorized into categories such as people, food and drink, activities, travel and places, objects and flags. You can also see a list of all the domains that people have already purchased.

4.Emoji.gg and MakeEmoji (Web): Custom Emoji packs for Discord, Slack and Chat apps

Emoji.gg is a huge repository of custom emojis and emoji packs for Discord and Slack

Team chat apps like Slack and casual messaging apps like Discord have embraced emojis wholeheartedly. These have become places to express yourself through personalized emojis while reacting to others. You have two options: create your own emojis or download them from directories.

Emoji.gg is the best directory of custom emojis for Discord and Slack. Download them as individual PNG files by browsing categories like Games, Animals, Celebrities, TV / Movies etc. You can also grab entire emoji packs and upload them to your favorite chat app.

If you’re more interested in creating your own emoji for Slack or Discord, head over to MakeEmoji. Download the image and MakeEmoji will give you options to download it as an animated emoji with a range of effects. As they advised, it is best to remove the background from the image first.

Two other sites are also worth a visit, Slackmojis and Emoji Best. Both claim to offer crowd-sourced emoji collections that you can download and use freely.

5. Emoji Bulleted List (Web): Bulleted lists where the bullets are emojis

Emoji Bullet List turns any list into a bulleted list where bullets are replaced with emojis based on the words of that point

This app does one thing, and it does it perfectly. As the name suggests, Emoji Bullet List takes any bulleted list and adds emojis instead of bullets.

All you have to do is write the list, each period starting with a hyphen and a space, like “- Dot 1”. Click the emojify button and the app will automatically choose emojis based on the words in each line. Copy everything and paste it where you want.

There is no built-in way to replace an emoji with your own. But you can just use the emoji panel on computers to do this replacement.

6. EmojiTracker (Web): Make sure your use of Emoji is relevant

EmojiTracker counts emojis used in tweets in real time, displaying them in a dazzling dashboard

Using an old meme or GIF is a sure sign of age on the internet. Are you worried that the emojis you use while chatting are outdated, old-fashioned, or irrelevant? EmojiTracker can be a neat cheat sheet to make sure you’re not logged out.

This dashboard constantly tracks emojis used in tweets. Flashing lights can be a bit confusing, but you’ll get a clear idea of ​​what’s relevant and what isn’t.

When to use emojis and when to avoid them

These apps and sites show how emojis have invaded the modern lexicon. You might be using them in digital communication without even thinking about it. But there is a time and a place to use them. Learning emoji etiquette is essential to avoid a possible misstep, whether in your personal or professional life.

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