3 ways to demonstrate authentic leadership in your personal brand


When consumers connect to the Internet, they are looking for the products and services on offer. They connect with friends and learn more about life. But they also seek to be inspired and seek examples of genuine leadership. They want to be motivated and learn about success stories.

As a leader, you have the opportunity to make an impact through your personal brand. Whether you are a senior executive or a successful business owner, your ability to communicate clear value to consumers is your way of leading in the digital information age.

As the opportunity to lead has become more accessible via the internet and social media, the importance of being authentic cannot be understated. Consumers seek to be inspired, and they know the real thing when they see it. It is not enough therefore to present oneself; you need to present yourself in a way that creates movement for your brand.

The energy and intentionality of what you put into the world through your personal brand speaks volumes. You cannot assess the importance of a strong personal brand. Here are three ways to authentically and powerfully present yourself as a leader. Here’s how you lead, impact, and create growth.

  1. Use thought leadership portals to add value.
    The greatness of the information and digital age is that we have access to communication portals to reach consumers, communicate with employees and take advantage of technology. We can use podcasts, blogs, videos, and other media to share thought leadership content that educates and creates value.

    A solid way to build a personal brand and increase influence is by using modern communication channels to post value-based content that helps consumers pay attention to your brand. You can clearly demonstrate your expertise while helping to solve market problems.

    A powerful way to be authentic is to use thought leadership content to connect. People know the real thing when they see it, and they engage with a leader who cares about them. In an internet marketing space full of advertisements and sales attempts to consumers, build a movement that stands out by taking a value-driven approach.

  2. Focus relentlessly on service instead of watching the competition.
    It is natural to pay attention to what is going on around you but to experience exponential growth; you need to focus on growth, not competition. Awareness is important, but being the best service provider is even more critical. Consumers become lifelong customers when they see a leader who is focused on serving the market.

    The competition will always be there, but you understand that there is more than enough business if you have an abundance mindset. Your goal should then be to add exceptional customer service and create an experience that boosts word of mouth marketing.

    Jeff Bezos has spoken a lot about Amazon and its customer focus. There are many lessons to be learned from what he said about making customers feel valued. Genuine leadership means focusing on creating value for consumers.

    It means seeing those in your field as possible connections and partnership opportunities. Let others play the game of competition and be a leader who is focused on adding value and engaging in your community.

  3. Present yourself in a consistent, powerful, and clear manner.
    For a personal brand to thrive, you need consistency and visibility. Too often there is a hot and cold approach to portraying yourself as a genuine leader. Creating content is not the simplest business task, but it is a business activity that worsens its impact on the market.

    To create a lasting thought leadership brand, you should consider creating a plan outlining how and where you will present yourself. As consumers see you showing up on a regular basis, it will engage them and create anticipation for whatever you produce.

    Your post needs to be clear, the thoughts and content you share need to come from a place of value first, and you need to show yourself powerfully through consistency.

    Implementing these strategies is one of the best ways to build an authentic brand with sustainability and create growth over time. A good example of this is the way Gary Vaynerchuk has consistently presented himself for years and continues to do so.

    You are a leader who has the opportunity to create an authentic brand that outlasts you. Use thought leadership and modern communication channels to show it to consumers, employees and those who follow you. Stand out in any market by taking a value-driven approach. One of the keys to growth is genuinely caring about those in charge.

Take the time to evaluate your brand. Are you using content to help those you lead? Do you show up regularly? Is your current brand the best representation of what you believe in? It’s time to make the optimization changes that expand your reach, increase your revenue, and build an engaged consumer audience.

Written by Michelle Hammons.

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