2021 SEO tips for industrial distributors


Search engine optimization (SEO) has been around for some time, but it has become increasingly important for industrial distributors to embrace it as more B2B customers purchase products online.

Google plans to update its algorithm this year to include a factor called Page Experience. At a minimum, the content of an industrial distributor’s website should be valuable to your readers and easy to navigate. But your loading speed, mobile friendliness, and visual stability also contribute to your page experience. Now is the time to take some essential action on your website health if you want to keep your page ranking high.

SEO Tips to Maintain Your Industrial Distribution Company’s Search Rankings

Let’s take a closer look at how you can maintain your website page rank.

Quality website content

Although the page experience affects the ranking, Google blog says, “A great experience isn’t a substitute for having great page content.” Your content marketing strategy should include updating your digital content. Combine similar website pages and merge weaker pages into one page for easier ranking. Pages should be complementary and address a single topic to form a page with higher authority.

According to studies:

  • 47% of consumers expect a webpage to load in 2 seconds or less
  • A one second delay in the page response can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions
  • If an ecommerce website is making $ 100,000 a day, a one-second page delay could potentially cost you $ 2.5 million in lost sales each year.

Your B2B users want to find answers to their questions fast, and they want to find the products they need quickly. Create industry-focused and detailed product pages and include them in your navigation to enhance your website functionality. Use images that clearly describe the markets you serve, and don’t forget to add alt tags.

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Complementing your digital strategies with an ecommerce solution also helps SEO and page experience. Recent industry research has found that 31% of manufacturers who have invested in e-commerce have gained access to new markets and 34% have improved the customer experience. Keep your online product catalog up to date with the product data and verified formats engineers need.

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Optimization of videos and images

According to the Content Marketing Institute, more than half of engineers and technical professionals polled for a 2020 report said they spent at least an hour a week watching videos for work. Videos are a great marketing tool for engaging buyers on your website, but depending on what you are using to embed videos and how many other elements are on your page, they can affect the loading speed of the page. page. If a user stumbles upon your website and a page takes too long to display all of its content, they will likely click and move to a competitor’s site. Pages with long load times and high bounce rates can negatively impact your SEO and conversion rate for quality leads.

There are many ways to embed videos on a webpage, but self-hosted videos take the longest time to load. Pick the right video format and consider custom video hosting to make sure your page doesn’t interfere with the page load speed. Remember to customize the file name and label the media file so that it is relevant to the content of the corresponding page.

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Likewise, large images, high resolution images, and uncompressed images can negatively affect your website loading speed. Set the logical functions to serve the images of the appropriate size according to the user device. The mobile experience is important. If a B2B shopper is between meetings, they’re likely to be browsing on a tablet or cell phone.

Link building

Spending time getting backlinks can help increase your SEO traffic. This means taking advantage of other high authority websites and linking your website to theirs. Guest blog on a cutting edge resource like Thomas Insights and promote it in a newsletter advertisement to drive traffic to your website. (Our industry marketers can write for you.) Toagosei America has generated over a thousand direct website visits from high quality leads.

“We knew we wanted to educate more buyers and decision makers about what we have to offer. Thomas Industry Update has proven to be a great way to help us generate this awareness and we have gained new contacts for our sales team to appeal. “

Reports show that if good SEO is in place, visitors coming to an industrial Thomas website are twice as engaged as those coming from search engines organically. This is because Thomas’ audience is highly skilled.

Many vendors include a “distributor locator” on their site. Ask your suppliers to link to you on their website. Create business profiles for online business directories such as Google My Business, LinkedIn Company Directory, Apple Maps, and Facebook. These individual quotes may be minor in backlink value, but in large amounts they add to your SEO traffic.

Keep your information up to date and check the consistency of your NAP on the directories – Company name, address and telephone number. A Company Profile on Thomasnet.com is a particularly large business directory aimed specifically at B2B buyers, engineers and procurement professionals looking for industrial services. Sign up for a free company profile to increase your visibility and calls for tenders from qualified buyers.

List your business

“We are extremely pleased with the business generated by Thomasnet.com,” said Norman Rodriques, President of Springfield Spring Corporation.. “New tenders come in so often that we have a hard time keeping up. Even more astonishing is the quality of the leads and the number of new customers we have converted. “

See the complete list of business directories: How to Optimize Your Digital Marketing to Get Business from Local Buyers

Tools to monitor your site

Google’s algorithm update in May to incorporate Core Web Vitals into page experience ranking signals is imminent. There are tools like FullStory and Google Resources to see your site’s engagement levels and help you make decisions about what to improve. But to get industry-specific information and to gain a better understanding of what content works best so you can focus on delivering the most optimal website experience for your prospects, contact us for a review of. free digital health. We’ll take a look at the most important elements you need to engage B2B buyers and what you can do to keep your website ranking high. And our team is on the bridge to help you prepare for and manage large-scale change.

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