13 Internet Marketing Trends for Small Business in 2022

What internet marketing trend do you think will impact small businesses in 2022?

To help you better understand the marketing trends that will affect small businesses this year, we posed this question to business consultants and marketing professionals to get their best insights. From increased use of social media to the use of live video, several marketing trends can help your small business prepare for the new year.

Here are 13 marketing trends for small businesses in 2022:

Increase in the use of social media

It’s hard to overstate how influential social media influencers already are, and it’s reasonable to expect their impact to remain strong throughout 2022. In 2021, influencer marketing has grown. proved quite lucrative for the industry, with $13.8 billion spent by companies to get their products to market. masses. For those in the travel industry, having bloggers or vloggers working with you in 2022 would be a wise investment.
Randall Smalley, Cruise America

AI chatbots

One of the internet marketing trends that we believe will impact small businesses in 2022 is the use of AI chatbots. AI chatbots are a marketing trend that is used to create a better user experience for customers visiting your website. They can help answer product questions, provide advice, and help generate leads for your sales team. This is just one aspect of internet marketing that is evolving and using AI to improve your customers’ user experience. AI chatbots are a great addition to your website and will help you grow your business in 2022.

Chris Gadek, AdQuick

big data

In 2022, I expect the internet marketing trend of big data to have a significant impact on small businesses. Big Data is a branch of computer science that deals with large sets of data and predictive analytics. Companies faced ethical dilemmas as they had to make difficult decisions about how to use their customers’ personal information. With the continued advancements in technology, society is more comfortable with the idea of ​​more personal data being collected for commercial purposes. The biggest trend impacting small businesses in 2022 will be big data. Small businesses are unlikely to have the resources of larger ones and are therefore prone to cyberattacks. However, the use of Big Data will increase small business protection and better defense against cyberattacks.

Chris Panteli, LifeUpswing

Expect more influencer marketing

I expect influencer marketing to have a major impact in 2022. TikTok and Instagram are among the most popular platforms people spend most of their time on, and the influencers who dominate them have a lot to do. to say. They are the trendsetters and some of the most effective marketers for products just by using them. Even if you don’t have relationships with influencers, they will impact your business in 2022.

Vanessa Molica, the eyelash professional


Personalization in marketing has become the norm for Internet promotions, however, as new tools have become available at affordable rates, hyper-personalization will become a mainstream method for small businesses. Unlike traditional personalization methods that collect information from search engines and previous purchases, hyper-personalization uses data collected from a company’s website to build a profile of a potential customer.

By looking at cross-website searches, chatbot interaction, or help questions, small businesses can more accurately identify a customer’s interests and then tailor their promotions accordingly. By doing so, they can reduce costs, increase conversion rates, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. As digital promotion costs rise, small businesses will turn to hyper-personalization for more targeted and interactive marketing.

Jeff Meeks, EnergyFit

NFTs will gain popularity

I think 2022 will see small businesses start doing more with NFTs to help their marketing – the technology isn’t widespread yet, but we’re seeing some great applications with small businesses using NFTs to sell unique items, reward customers and help build a community. Depending on your industry, NFTs might be worth launching before your competitors!

Sylvia Kang, Mira

Use values ​​to attract customers

Highlighting what sets your business apart is nothing new. But more and more consumers are drawn to brands that align with their own values, whether the companies have sustainable practices or partner with nonprofits. We openly share our history and our company values, such as our commitment to running a vegan business with unique, ethically made jewelry. More and more companies will call their values ​​to attract customers to their brands in order to increase customer loyalty.

Nataly Vanunu, Boho Magic

Invest in SEO

In 2022, SEO will continue to be one of the most valuable trends in internet marketing. Help your pages achieve that top position on search engine results pages by making SEO your yearly goal. Start with on-page SEO, then strategize for off-page backlink opportunities to boost your website. We know from experience that SEO makes all the difference in online visibility. Don’t let another year go by ignoring the benefits of SEO!

Sophia Orlando, Markitors

Blogging for business

Small businesses will see a positive impact on sales through blogging which will build their digital marketing strategy and build brand awareness. In this digital world, customers are consumed by media, so producing timely and relevant content will create brand recognition and generate revenue for your business. Businesses should consider generating newsletters and blogs to keep up with trends. Digital awareness will increase word of mouth referrals and reach a wider audience than traditional advertising strategies.

Dino Ha, Kaja Cosmetics

HR and marketing team up

I expect more and more HR departments to team up with marketing as it becomes increasingly difficult to find qualified candidates. With the tables turned, it is now a company’s job to market itself to potential employees. I expect HR and marketing leaders to come together to improve the employer brand and culture with the goal of attracting top talent.

Dave Rietsema, Matchr

Niche Newsletters

Niche newsletters allow small businesses to showcase their expertise and value while helping potential customers. Newsletters can provide how-tos and tips, which are great for email open rates. Providing how-to tips and advice won’t stop your customers from calling you for help. Instead, it creates a sense of trust, comfort, and preference in their minds. Your product or service is amazing, customers will love it better than any instruction manual or advice because your product/service will always save them time and money.

Tyler Vallely, OUTREC

Virtual events

In 2022, marketers will continue to reach the online world. In response to changing business needs stemming from a changing physical environment, marketers will create virtual events for companies to reach their target audiences and maintain communication with customers. Major brands have presented new collections and new products in recent years through exclusively online events. As virtual events are more accessible than in-person events, there will always be a place for them in the future, even after traditional event types resume. Virtual events are defined as any gathering of people held entirely online. Virtual events can be live or recorded, and they can be as simple as an online presentation or as complex as a thousand user conference. These new technologies are here to stay, and they will undoubtedly grow in our collective consciousness.

Muskan Rai, Web Hosting Tips

Live video will continue to dominate

Facebook’s latest figures show that people spend three times longer watching live video than pre-recorded video, so expect the live video industry to thrive even more in 2022. video is the most popular way to educate consumers about new products, and adding a live element makes the medium more engaging. When watching live videos, people feel part of the event or the product itself. Going live is also a great way to grab users’ attention on Instagram and Facebook because it taps into the fear of missing out or FOMO. It’s human nature to want to be the first to know about the latest news and live videos cater to just that.

Kris Lippi, I Sold My House

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